Team Captain Guide:

Strike Out Stigma BOWL-A-THON
Saturday, October 27, 2018
Location: Woodland Bowl, 3421 E 96th St,
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Thank you for joining us to “Strike out Stigma”with NAMI Indiana’s Bowl-a-Thon! This eventnot only is an opportunity for you, your family,
friends and co-workers to have fun, but also supports NAMI Indiana in raising awareness and funds for education, support, advocacy and outreach programs for your community. This guide is intended to assist you in fundraising! If you have any questions about registration or the event, don’t hesitate to contact Richard Dixon (rdixon@namiindiana.org).

How does it work?

It’s easy! The event will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2017, from 12:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

1. Register your team at www.strikeoutstigma.com or by calling our office at (317) 925-9399.

2. Pick a bowling time! Teams can pick to bowl from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm or 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

3. Recruiting friends, family or co-workers to join your Bowl-a- Thon team!!Team captains can recruit a max of 5 other bowlers to join their team.

4. Use easy online tools and e-mails to set your goal.

5. Motivating your team to FUNraise, and keeping them organized by setting ateam goal or creating a friendly competition with another team.

6. Celebrate with your team and NAMI Indiana as we say “Thank You” foryour efforts with FREE Bowling, shoe rental, beverages, snacks, and prizes.



How We Help

NAMI Indiana will make this as easy and fun as possible for you.
To help, we provide:


  •  2 hours of bowling, pool, snacks, and cool prizes!!!
  • Online registration and support for you and your team.
  •  Support in recruiting bowlers and managing your team.
  • Easy and fun ideas on how to raise funds and awareness to break stigma and support NAMI Indiana
  •  Fundraising incentives for you and your team.
  • Weekly e-mails with up-to-date information on the event and tools to help you and your bowlers.
  • An opportunity for you to “Strike out Stigma” in our community, and promote mental health and recovery!


How You Help

  • Promote the Bowl-a-Thon with friends, family and co-workers. Not only does this invite more people to have fun, but it also builds awareness of the education, support, advocacy and outreach programs and services NAMI Indiana provides.
  • Act as the “point person” for your team.
  •  Recruit 5 other bowlers to join your team, and motivate your team members to get them excited about the event.
  • Stay in contact with Richard Dixon (rdixon@namiindiana.org) or Barbara Thompson (bthompson@namiindiana.org) with any team news or questions.
  • Get involved! We have great opportunities for you and your team members to volunteer and help support our event!
  • Volunteer to help plan the event or during the event (you can volunteer during the event AND still bowl with your team!)
  • Share the message of help and hope for recovery with our community!

How to Register Your Team

The Bowl-a-Thon is using the web-based MyEvent fundraising platform to helpyou raise funds and NAMI Indiana staff members are available to help you with registration and answer any questions.

Visit www.strikeoutstigma.com to register, and click on the “Be a Participant”link.

Need help with registration? Contact Richard or Barbara at (317) 925-9399 or email us at: rdixon@namiindiana.org, bthompson@namiindiana.org.


Virtual Bowlers

If you are unable to attend the Bowl-a-Thon, you can still participate as a "virtual" bowler or team member. Just place "virtual" after your name/ team when signing up. You'll still get your own fundraising page that you can personalize, and share  to social media. 

Tips & Tools for Fundraising Success

Encourage your team to register and collect donations online. 

• Team members who raise money online raise THREE TIMES more than those who don’t! 

• Online fundraising allows you to collect more donations in less time. 

Challenge your team members or another team.

• Know other teams bowling? Challenge them to beat your team – be creative with incentives to win! 

Get your company or organization involved.

• Ask if your employer makes matching gift donations. Remember to ask your donors if their employers match too!

• Sponsorships and participation with the Bowl-a-Thon offer an opportunity for exposure to hundreds of participants and thousands more who will donate or receive publications or e-news from NAMI Indiana. 

Don’t be afraid to ask!

• Most people are happy to support a well-known, local charity that supports OUR community! 

• Every dollar counts – whether donations are big or small, they can help you reach your goal!

• Even if someone doesn’t donate, you have helped break stigma and raise awareness of the impact of mental illness on our community and how NAMI Indiana can help.

Say thank you!

• Send thank you e-mails or notes to anyone who gave directly to you. 

• After the event, share a picture of your team and your fundraising totals with your donors.


Donation Collection Guidelines 

Make checks payable to NAMI Indiana. Secure online donations can be made at www.namiindiana.org.

•  Mail checks to:

NAMI Indiana, Inc.
921 E. 86th Street, Suite 130
Indianapolis, IN 46240