The first, and easiest tip is….just ask! It seems silly, but many people will make a donation  simply because you asked them to. Don’t just post your link on Facebook or Twitter feed and  expect people to know what to do, tell them what you want them to do! Asking clearly and directly makes a big difference. You might be uncomfortable at first, but your friends and family want to hear about things you care about. You may be surprised by just how supportive they are! 

Set a goal. Everyone has a little bit of competitive nature in them. Setting a goal will make your donors feel like they’re working to achieve something. You can even set mini goals throughout your fundraiser to make your total goal less daunting. For example, issuing a challenge to raise a certain percentage of the total goal in a single day, or setting a deadline to reach the halfway point of your goal. 

Ask your closest friends and family (those most likely to give) first. If others see that you’ve already made progress towards your goal, they will be more likely to give. You can even jump start giving by making your own initial gift. 

Share your story! Tell potential donors why you got involved. The more they know and understand, the more compelled they are to donate. 

Get Personal. The people closest to you should get a face to face invitation, or at least a phone call. They’re important to you and they should feel that way. Make sure they know you put in the 
extra effort for them. That being said…. 

The internet is your friend. Social media is one of the most effective ways to spread your message (and your fundraising site link!) to a much larger number of people than you could 
reach in person. Caution: Don’t make every single post for the duration of the campaign a direct ask. Mix in updates on campaign success, your story, and info about NAI Indiana too! Your posts should, however, always contain the link to your fundraising page. 

Say Thank You. Most importantly, say “Thank you!” If you’re using social media, a great way to thank people is by tagging them in a thank you post. Everyone loves a little public recognition for a good deed! If you’re more of a pen and paper type person, nothing beats a nice hand- 
written note.